Century Club 2013

Canton Golden Bear Education Foundation

Kicks Off Third Annual Century Club Fundraiser


Once again, after a successful 2012 campaign, the Canton Golden Bear Education Foundation will be conducting its annual Century Club fundraiser this summer.  In our attempt to raise a minimum of $10,000 for the Foundation, the goal of the campaign is to generate 100 donations of $100 in 100 days.  Those who wish to donate will become members of the “Century Club” and will have their names posted to the dedicated web page on the Foundation’s web site in recognition of their participation.

“As the Foundation continues to grow we are pleased to be able to offer more to the children in our school system.  We are all well aware of the ongoing cuts in state aid that Canton Central is facing and hope to continue providing the necessary funding for some of the much-needed enhancements that the budget cannot support.” stated Foundation President, Evan Poole.  In the past, the Foundation has been able to assist in the funding of guest speakers, field trips, the fall play, musical instruments and the Whiz Quiz team, just to name a few.

The Foundation hopes to not only reach local alumni but also those potential donors who reside out of the area and still feel a connection to their alma mater.  “ So many people donate annually to their colleges, but may not realize that their former elementary and secondary schools are also struggling and could use their help,” said Poole.  “This is a great opportunity to give back to the school where they spent the first 13 years of their academic lives.”

The 100-day campaign will run from July 23rd through October 31st.  Individuals, families, businesses or groups who would like to become part of the Century Club are invited to visit www.gbfound.org for further details, or simply mail your check to CGBEF – Century Club, P.O. Box 174, Canton, NY 13617.

Century Club Members                                                                                

1. Thomas Romoda

2. Kathy and Pete Wyckoff

3. Kathy and Mike Crowe

4. Robert and Patricia Wells

5. James Stevenson

6. Lois Breckenridge

7. Neil and Patsy Riggs

8. Theodore and Carol Linn

9. Daniel Spink

10. Donna Doig

11. Nancy and Daniel Palmateer

12. Elaine and John Maxon

13. Elisabeth Brandt

14. Patricia Glover

15. William and Mary Herzog

16. Reginald and Judith Liscum

17. Wanda Redick

18. Beverly Robinson

19. Rose Hodge

20. Richard Holena

21. Kathleen and Joseph Furnia

22. Charles and Margaret Alexander

23. Karl and Kathy Keller

24. Carol and George Reed

25. Helen Scott-Curtis

26. KrisTina Petty Wheeler

27. Pat and Mike Furgal

28. Maynard Bowman

29. Linda Shaver

30. Dennis and Nancy Jones

31. Gary and Gail Staples

32. Phyllis McFaddin

33. Dale and Gloria Gardner

34. Harold and Barbara Wilder

35. Joan Stratford

36. David Reynolds

37. Herbert and Agnes Bullock

38. Philip and Lorene Royce

39. Mary Beth and Randy Sieminski

40. Mary Ellen and Charlie Carvel

41. Larry Casey

42. Judy Simon and Daniel Koon

43. Ann Elmer

44. Rick Tomlinson

45. Gary Sheldon

46. Kate and Chris Wells 

47. John Holena

48. Chris and Jill Marie Kenyon

49. Cheryl Casey-Rose

50. Keith Faucher

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